The Cocoa Crate team are artisans dedicated to the craft of unforgettable chocolate.

The idea for Cocoa Crate grew out of passion. For the Cocoa Crate family, chocolate is more than food, chocolate is more than a passion, chocolate is our life. We want to share the experience of quality chocolate with the world. And by doing so, help the people that make chocolate possible.


1. Helping people do chocolate right.

Chocolate is the world’s most consumed candy, yet the majority of people who eat chocolate have never truly eaten premium chocolate. Our chocolate is a true bean-to-bar product! Our chocolate is hand-made, with premium ingredients and no compromises. We found the world’s greatest Chocolatier to craft our chocolates for you fresh each month!  With two generations of Master Chocolatiers and a team of artisan chocolate makers, the G.Debbas family has been making gourmet chocolates for over 40 years. G.Debbas is our exclusive Chocolatier and has won numerous awards, including the “Best Product Line” and “Grand Champion” 3 years in a row at the America’s Best Professional Food Competition. Cocoa Crate is our way of sharing this incredible chocolate with you!

Cocoa Crates premium chocolate starts at the plantation and follows through to the roast method of the bean, the conching process, the blend of cocoa mass and cocoa butter, and how the finished product is handcrafted with the proper flavor, ingredients and care.

2. Helping people do right by chocolate.

Cocao growers and their families get paid less than 2 dollars per day. This does not allow children in these communities to afford an education, or families to develop a greater style of life. Cocoa Crate is looking to change this by buying our beans at a higher cost directly from Co-Ops that we have helped set up. We are also working closely with the Equitable Trade Fund to give a percentage of each sale back to the farmers. Through the Equitable Trade fund, we are helping to build schools, and train farmers in the agricultural skills they need to increase cocao yields. By purchasing a Cocoa Crate subscription, you are directly helping the farmers who have helped bring this incredible chocolate to your doors!

We have used our background in premium chocolate to create a program that delivers handcrafted artisan chocolate to the doors of chocolate lovers everywhere! With Cocoa Crate, a specially designed box of 100% real chocolate is delivered to the doorsteps of subscribers or the chocoholic of their choice every month! In return, we are supporting the farmers and communities in Ecuador.

Cocoa Crate, let’s do chocolate right. But more importantly, let’s do right by chocolate.

Distinctly Superior Chocolate

We work exclusively with one chocolatier, Guy Debbas.

Seasonal, hand-selected variety

These are not your ordinary chocolates. After years of searching the globe for the best chocolate, we found a world class chocolatier who crafts new and innovative chocolates every month for you to taste and enjoy. Cocoa Crate ships a seasonal, hand-selected variety of artisanal chocolates to your door once a month in our cooled Cocoa Crate. It’s the perfect way to get your gourmet chocolate fix.

30 Years of Chocolate

Over 30 years ago, the Debbas family began handcrafting gourmet chocolate truffles in their kitchen using only the finest ingredients. This artisan tradition is continued today with G.Debbas Chocolatier. Food scientist, chocolatier and glacier mixologist, Guy Debbas, has dedicated his life to creating a unique collection of the finest artisan chocolates. These gourmet chocolates are distinctly superior in flavor and quality. 

All-natural, No Compromises

Cocoa Crate chocolates are created using all-natural ingredients with no preservatives and no compromises. A special blend of cacao beans is carefully formulated to achieve a smooth, rich flavor that can only be found in these multi-award winning Cocoa Crate chocolates!